Transformers - Dinobot Hunt

Simon Furman

Simon Furman is the ultimate fan-favourite Transformers writer, having written hundreds of stories about the robots in disguise since their first comics appearance in the early 1980s. He is currently writing all-new Transformers comics for IDW and for Titan!

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Barry Kitson

Barry Kitson has drawn Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson for 2000 AD and Adventures of Superman.

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The classic comic strip collections continue with more Transformers action starring one of the most popular Transformers teams ever — the Dinobots!

Freed after spending four million years trapped in tar, the Dinobots are mad — literally! As they go on the rampage, spreading chaos and carnage across the USA, heroic Autobot leader Optimus Prime dispatches a team to capture them before innocent humans die and the Dinobots themselves fall into the hands of the evil Decepticons, who are using them as bait in a deadly Big Game hunt of their own!

Packed with bonus material specially created for this volume, this is a collection of classic stories that created a legend!

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