The Alfred Hitchcock Story (New Edition)

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In the tradition of the acclaimed The Hammer Story, it is an authoritative, film-by-film guide to ‘the Master&rsq…

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Copyright © 2024 The Alfred Hitchcock Story text copyright © 1999, 2008 Ken Mogg, except 'The Early Years 1899-1933', 'Classic British Movies 1934-1939', 'Hollywood 1940-1950', 'The Golden Years 1951-1964', 'Languishing 1965-1980' and 'Unrealised Projects' © 1999 Dan Auiler; 'Behind the Scenes Collaborators', 'Famous Locations', 'Hitchcock and Film Technique' and 'The Icy Blondes' © 1999 Philip Kemp; 'Hitchcock and His Writers' © 1999 Steven L. DeRosa; 'Hitchcock on Radio' and 'The Short Story Anthologies' © 1999 Martin Grams Jr; 'Hitchcock's Cameo Appearances', 'The Hollywood Leading Men' and 'Remakes, Sequels and Homages' © 1999 Titan Books; 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' © 1999 J. Lary Kuhns. All rights reserved. Foreword copyright © 1999 Janet Leigh.