A Feast Unknown (Secrets of the Nine #1)
A Wold Newton Parallel Universe Novel

Philip José Farmer

Philip José Farmer was a multiple award-winning science fiction writer of 75 novels. He is best known for his Wold Newton and Riverworld series. In 2001 he was awarded the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Grand Master Prize and a World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award. He passed away in 2009.

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The legendary Apeman, Lord of the Jungle and bastard son of Jack the Ripper, fights the equally legendary Doc Caliban, Man of Bronze and Champion of Justice. For the loser it will mean death – for the victor not just life but immortality. Inflamed by strange passions, these titans run amok in an orgy of hate and vengeance, lust and bloodshed. A brand-new edition of the controversial novel.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781781162880
  • Dimensions: 203 x 131 mm
  • Trade Paperback: 304pp
  • Publication date: 19 October 2012
  • All authors:
    Philip José Farmer

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