American Flagg! - Vol. 2



America, 2031. TV star Reuben Flagg is drafted to protect the citizens of Chicago as a Plexus Ranger, having pretended to be one on-screen. The inexperienced Flagg must tackle an America blighted by a biased and oppressive media, dubious ‘wars’, widespread political corruption and environmental disaster…Never-before-collected, this new edition of the bitingly prescient satirical series is an all-time classic, written and illustrated by a legend in the comics field!

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781845760786
  • Dimensions: 258 x 170mm
  • Paperback: 184pp
  • Publication date: 29 May 2009
  • Illustration detail: Colour comic strip
  • All authors:
    Howard Chaykin

American FLagg! 2006 Howard Chaykin, Inc.

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