Animals Real and Imagined
Full-colour illustrations, anatomical notes and sketches

Terryl Whitlatch

Terryl Whitlatch is one of the top creature designers and academic illustrators working in the field today. Scientifically and academically trained, her movie credits include Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Jumanji, Men in Black, The Polar Express, and Beowulf. She has worked for Lucasfilm, ILM, Pixar, and DIsney, among others, as well as for zoos, museums and The World Wildlife Fund.

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Take a fantastic voyage into Whitlatch’s bestiary. With her extensive knowledge of anatomical illustration and her boundless imagination, a huge range of creatures come to life on the page, accompanied by 100s of anatomical notes, to both educate and entertain. From skeletons, to musculature, to the finished creature, this book is a feast for the eyes for creature enthusiasts and art buffs.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9780857681089
  • Dimensions: 229 x 279mm
  • Paperback: 160pp
  • Publication date: 25 February 2011
  • Illustration detail: over 300 b&w sketches & colour illos
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    Terryl Whitlatch

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