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Anno Dracula short-listed as one of the best vampire novels of the century!

Published on 19 January, 2012

Authored by Titan Books

Kim Newman’s masterpiece Anno Dracula short-listed as one of the best vampire novels of the century!

To celebrate the centenary of Abraham (Bram) Stoker’s death in 1912, the Horror Writers Association have drawn up a short-list of the best vampire novels of the century. A jury composed of writers and scholars selected the six vampire novels that they believe have had the greatest impact on the horror genre since the publication of Dracula in 1897.

Kim Newman’s rich and compelling alternate history Anno Dracula, published in both the US and UK by Titan Books, is listed alongside Salem's Lot by Stephen King, I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, Hotel Transylvania by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and The Soft Whisper of the Dead by Charles L. Grant.

The winning book will be announced on March 31, 2012 at the World Horror Convention.

Filled with literary and historical characters, Anno Dracula depicts an alternative history in which the heroes of Bram Stoker’s Dracula fail to stop the Count’s conquest of Great Britain. The second and third books in the series, Anno Dracula: The Bloody Red Baron and Anno Dracula: Dracula Cha Cha Cha will be published in new editions with extra bonus material in April and October 2012 respectively. The eagerly awaited fourth novel, Johnny Alucard, will be published for the first time in April 2013.

Praise for Anno Dracula:

“It was the first mash-up of literature, history and vampires, and now, in a world in which vampires are everywhere, it's still the best, and its bite is just as sharp. Compulsory reading, commentary, and mindgame: glorious." — NEIL GAIMAN

“Politics, horror and romance are woven together in this brilliantly imagined and realised novel. Newman's prose is a delight, his attention to detail spellbinding.” — Time Out

“A brilliantly witty parallel-world saga… builds sure-footedly to bravura climax which entirely redefines ‘Victorian values’” — Daily Telegraph

“A tour de force which succeeds brilliantly” — The Times

“A marvellous marriage of political satire, melodramatic intrigue, gothic horror and alternative history” — The Independent