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Blade Runner and Titan Publishing

Published on 26 June, 2023


The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049 - Revised and Expanded Edition: 1982’s ground-breaking sci-fi film Blade Runner presented a vision of the future so bold and breath-taking it remains at the forefront of pop culture. 35 years later, many of the world-renowned original cast and crew made a return to that world. Their journey is chronicled with captivating detail in this official guide to Blade Runner 2049, with exclusive concept art, storyboards, behind-the-scenes photography, production stills and fascinating insights and interviews by the cast and crew. The Revised and Expanded Edition updates the original version of the book by adding 20 pages of new content covering the movie’s spoiler scenes.

Blade Runner 2049: The Storyboards. This is a celebration of the rarely-seen artwork that was key in building the harsh, yet strangely beautiful, environments in the film. This remarkable book presents a fresh look at Blade Runner 2049, including scenes that were later altered or cut out entirely, along with new, in-context commentary from storyboard artists Sam Hudecki and Darryl Henley throughout.

Blade Runner 2049 Interlinked - The Art  A companion to The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049, Interlinked offers an unprecedented look into the creative process that went into making Blade Runner 2049, illustrating how director Villeneuve and his team took Scott’s 1982 movie as a starting point and expanded the world by creating a new visual language infused with the original Blade Runner DNA.

The Art of Blade Runner: Black Lotus is a study and celebration of the artwork that went into making the first ever Blade Runner animated series. Concept art, sketchwork, pre-viz, animation tests, final frames and more, are paired alongside interviews with the masterminds behind the show to give fans the full story of Black Lotus. 



Volume 1: Los Angeles

Winner of the 2020 SCRIBE AWARD for Best Graphic Novel.

Return to the original rain-soaked dystopic world of Los Angeles, 2019. A hardboiled future noir world of renegade Replicants, deadly femme fatales, Spinners and bloody, violent death!

There’s a new Blade Runner in town, and she’s out for blood. Replicant blood.

When a rich industrialist’s wife and young daughter go missing, seemingly the victims of a Replicant kidnapping, Blade Runner Ash is called in to rescue them before they end up on a slab or worse. As Ash’s investigation deepens she uncovers a shocking secret that could very well end up costing her life.

Co-written by Michael Green, the Academy Award nominated screenwriter of Logan, Blade Runner 2049, and Murder on the Orient Express.


Volume 2: Off World

From the rain-soaked world of Los Angeles, 2019 to the never-before-seen promised land of the Off-World colonies, Replicant-hating Blade Runner Ash’s search for the runaway wife and child of a rich industrialist takes her where no other Blade Runner has gone before.

Volume 3: Home Again, Home Again

The sins of the father are coming home. Ex-Blade Runner As and her charge, Cleo, have returned from the Off-world colonies to Los Angeles, for a confrontation that will expose more shocking secrets and reveal a terrifying conspiracy that could bring down an empire.


Volume 1: Reunion

It’s 2029 and Blade Runner Ash continues to hunt the streets of Los Angeles for renegade Replicants, but this time she’s trying to protect as many as she can find…


Volume 2: Echoes

Blade Runner Ash becomes the hunted when the Replicant cult leader Yotun orders his death cult to hunt her down and kill her. Now, to protect those she loves, Ash must take to the rain-soaked streets of Los Angeles and do battle with a fanatical and relentless army of super-human Replicants.

Volume 3: Redemption

Renegade Replicant leader Yotun’s call to arms to all Replicants has seen the city of L.A. ravaged by urban warfare and terrorist attacks, culminating in the destruction of the iconic headquarters of the L.A. Police Department. Now Ash and her lover, Freysa (leader of the Replicant Underground) are on the run, hounded by Blade Runners and Yotun’s followers. And with time running out for both sides, Ash finds herself on a collision course with Yotun.


Volume 1: Luv

The first volume of the final chapter in the saga of Ash.

Los Angeles, 2039. It has been three years since Niander Wallace introduced his brand of ‘perfectly obedient’ Replicants, and the ban on synthetic humans has been lifted, at least for the new Wallace models – the older Tyrell Corp’s Nexus 8 units are still hunted by Blade Runners.

Cleo Selwyn, first seen as a small child in Blade Runner 2019, has returned to L.A. some twenty years later, searching for Isobel, a Replicant copy of her real mother who died when she was three. Cleo believes that Niander Wallace is holding Isobel captive, and the only person she can call on for help is the one who saved her so many years ago: Aahna ‘Ash’ Ashina, now an aging and disgraced ex-Blade Runner.


Volume 1: Products

When a Tyrell Corporation scientist working on an experimental new type of Replicant is discovered dead in her laboratory, the victim of an apparent suicide, LAPD detective Cal Moreau is called to investigate. What he uncovers is a conspiracy of silence so deadly it could change the world as he knows it. Set ten years before the events of the first Blade Runner film, this is the world on the cusp of environmental collapse, and the beginning of the mass Off-world migration to the Off-world colonies. Detective Cal Moreau, a PTSD sufferer must unravel the truth behind a seemingly routine suicide that soon reveals itself to be just the thin end of a vast conspiracy, one that runs to the very top of the Tyrell Corporation tower.

Volume 2: Scrap

LAPD Detective Cal Moreau has teamed up with an escaped experimental Replicant, who has been uploaded with the memories of a dead Tyrell Corporation scientist, whose suicide he was sent to investigate. How they must run and fight a conspiracy hatched in the very heart of the Tyrell Corporation.

Volume 3: Burning

The slums of L.A. are ablaze! Tyrell executive Ilora Stahl, head of secret program to transfer human consciousness into Replicant hosts has launched an all-out attack to flush out and kill a renegade Replicant who was once part of her covert programme. Ex-LAPD Detective Cal Moreau must expose Ilora’s conspiracy before the city burns to the ground.


Volume 1: Leaving L.A.

Based on the acclaimed Anime series: Black Lotus, this officially sanctioned graphic novel heralds an all-new saga in the Blade Runner franchise, one whose ramifications will ripple throughout the Blade Runner universe. 

Set in the year 2032, Blade Runner: Black Lotus features an all-new cast of characters and introduces Nia Wallace, heir to the Tyrell empire and future creator of the JOI hologram and the Replicant Luv – as seen in the smash hit 2017 movie Blade Runner 2049.