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"Cackle" Along with These Witchy Reads!

Published on 19 October, 2022

Getting into the Halloween spirit? Try these witchy reads for a cackle or two...

THE WITCH'S HEART by Genevieve Gornichec

Angrboda's story begins where most witch tales end: with being burnt. Injured and powerless, she flees into a remote forest, where she is found by trickster god Loki. Distrust grows into a deep and abiding love, and produces a trio of peculiar children. Yet as Angrboda recovers her prophetic powers, she sees a disastrous fate for her family and all of existence, and must choose whether she'll accept the fate that she's foreseen—or rise to remake it.

CACKLE by Rachel Harrison

When Annie is unceremoniously dumped by her longtime boyfriend, she seeks a fresh start and moves from Manhattan to a small picturesque village upstate. There Annie meets Sophie. Beautiful, charming, magnetic Sophie, who takes a special interest in Annie, who wants to be her friend.  Annie can’t help but gravitate toward the self-possessed Sophie, despite the fact that the rest of the townsfolk seem…a little afraid of her. And, okay. Sophie’s appearance is uncanny and ageless, her mansion in the middle of the woods feels a little unearthly, and she does seem to wield a certain power…but she couldn’t be…could she?

BLOOD SUGAR by Daniel Kraus

A classic Halloween villain – the deranged outcast at the end of the block who decides to act on his violent revenge fantasies by handing out candy filled with poison, broken glass, and razor blades – comes to horrifying life in the pages of BLOOD SUGAR, as the clock ticks closer to sundown and a trio of alienated kids, cruelly befriended by the villain, set in motion his plan to poison, maim or kill every other child in the neighborhood.

HEX LIFE edited by Christopher Golden and Rachel Autumn Deering

These are tales of witches, wickedness, evil and cunning. Stories of disruption and subversion by today’s women you should fear. Including Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Caine and Sherrilyn Kenyon writing in their own bestselling universes. These witches might be monstrous, or they might be heroes, depending on their own definitions. Even the kind hostess with the candy cottage thought of herself as the hero of her own story. After all, a woman’s gotta eat.

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