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Christmas 2020: Festive Pets!

Published on 21 December, 2020

Authored by Titan Books

Today as part of our festive celebrations we’ve asked some of our present and upcoming authors to share pictures of their pets getting into the holiday spirit!

First up, A. J. Hackwith (Author of The Library of the Unwritten, and the upcoming The Archive of the Forgotten) sent us these super sweet photos of her dog Mochi!


Shaun Hamill (author of A Cosmology of Monsters) shared this picture of Sheplin, showing just how involved he was in the writing process of Cosmology. It was taken on a winter morning in Iowa when it was just too cold to get out of bed.


T. Kingfisher (author of The Twisted Ones and The Hollow Places) sent us these pictures of kitten brothers Hobbs and Shaw – whilst Shaw is happy to relax into festivities, Hobbs does not trust this holiday stuff…


Alex White (author of Alien: The Cold Forge, and the forthcoming Alien: Into Charybdis) sent us this lovely picture of their pal Buddy and...Oh no – don’t look now Buddy, but there’s something behind you!


Angela Slatter (author of All the Murmuring Bones, coming March 2021) sent us this photo and the following commentary from Lulu the IT and Johnny Beagle:

“Oh, wonderful. Christmas in Australia. Again. Humidity. No snow. In case you've not noticed I'm an Irish Terrier and he's a beagle, the most English of dogs. What do you give us? BBQs in the middle of summer. Thank you very much.”


Oliver Langmead (author of the upcoming Birds of Paradise) sent us this photo of the regal Iris, pictured here in her natural habitat amongst the poinsettias!


Bob Proehl (author of The Nobody People, & its forthcoming sequel The Somebody People) sent us these pics of the very wiggly Willa! Whilst she consented to a festive holiday sweater, a tiny elf hat was a step too far!


J. T. Nicholas (Author of Re-Coil and the upcoming Stolen Earth) has sent in this photo of the impeccably behaved Ronin & Gambit!



Andy Davidson (author of The Boatman’s Daughter) sent us pics of his clowder of cats! 

“Lucas is our fetcher. He fetches paper, usually, but at Christmas he upgrades to bows. Has since he was little, as pics demonstrate. He also likes Christmas cards. He's one of our Star Wars cats, along with Ahsoka. As the pics attest, we also like Star Wars. Also pictured is Mrs. Mia Wallace, one of our Tarantino cats. She's well named.”

“And then there's our polydactyl cat Ole, named after Hemingway's boxer in "The Killers." Because, you know, polydactyl. :) You've also got Fred, our orange female, named for Winnifred Burkle in the television series Angel.”

“And, in R2-D2's butt, Penny, whose namesake from The Big Bang Theory is notorious for using her neighbors' wifi. She likes our yard decorations for all the wrong reasons. And, finally, there's Dill, aka Charles Baker Harris, so named for the cousin in To Kill a Mockingbird, who lives at another house with another family but comes over and eats our food. Which is okay by us. Not pictured, of course, are Beatrix and Aldo (our newest Tarantino cats), as well as the Blackwood sisters, Connie and Merricat. 

You can try to count em, if you want, but we don't bother, most days. We just keep them fed, groomed, and doctored. Which also keeps them happy.”


That's all for now, but our 12 Days of Christmas posts will continue next week! Don't forget to follow us on social media so you won't miss a single one; you can find us at FacebookTwitter & Instagram!