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COVER REVEAL: Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories

Published on 12 October, 2016

Authored by Kim Newman

Titan are super-excited to reveal the cover to Kim Newman's new short-story collection, Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories! 

A collection of horror short stories by acclaimed author, journalist and movie-critic Kim Newman. This volume contains twenty-one stories featuring famous figures from Edgar Allan Poe to Frankenstein's monster, and includes a brand-new, exclusive Anno Dracula story 'Yokai Town: Anno Dracula 1899'.

Collection Contents:

Famous Monsters

A Drug on the Market

Illimitable Dominion

Just Like Eddy

Amerikanski Dead at the Moscow Morgue

The Chill Clutch of the Unseen

One Hit Wanda

Is There Anybody There?

The Intervention

Red Jacks Wild

Sarah Minds the Dog

The Snow Sculptures of Xanadu

The Pale Spirit People


Coastal City

Completist Heaven

Une étrange aventure de Richard Blaine

The Only Ending We Have

Out of the Night, When the Full Moon is Bright

Frankenstein on Ice

Yokai Town: Anno Dracula 1899