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Cover reveal: Parallel Lines

Published on 6 April, 2016

Authored by Titan Books

We're very excited to reveal the cover of Parallel Lines, the new high-octane multi-character thriller from international bestseller, Steven Savile!

Adam is dying of ALS, his body shaking and no longer his own. But he has a young disabled son to provide for and no health care. His solution? Rob a bank, but in a way that goes unnoticed. All he has to do is get a code onto the bank’s system, and he’ll skim a few dollars from thirty thousand accounts. Easy, right?

Richard is the bank manager, who has been quietly robbing the bank for years, taking money from rich customers to pay off poor people’s overdrafts. He thinks he’s Robin Hood, but when Adam draws a gun and it goes off, he can’t call the police.

Milo is a schoolteacher, who’s in deep trouble. He’s been pretending to be a high roller in a local casino, and now has a debt to pay. He’s being escorted to the bank by Archer, a heavy in the employ of Saul Bonavechio, the casino owner, to make sure he pays up. Milo​ was just trying to impress the croupier, Alice, but she’s got bigger problems, like avoiding having to go on the game to pay her mother’s bills.

When Adam gets to the front of the queue, he meets Sasha, who has given up on men and is about to have the worst day of her life when Adam pulls a gun. Archer tries to intervene and is shot, when Adam can’t control his tremors. But Richard won’t call the police. Adam can’t let anyone leave. And Milo is just hoping Archer dies… 

Everyone has their own story, their own agenda, and they all want out. But what happens if they leave? Will they give Adam up? Or will they work together?