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Friday Favourites: The Art of Epic

Published on 9 October, 2015

Authored by Titan Books

Today's Friday Favourite comes from Senior Designer Tim Scrivens:

"I'm in the enviable position of being the designer of a number of illustrated titles for Titan Books.

It's difficult to choose just one favourite as the materials I work with are so diverse, so I may be back with another Friday Favourite very soon!

My choice this Friday is The Art of Epic. I'm particularly pleased with the way this came out, but then the artwork from Blue Sky gave me a fantastic start. The small design 'flourishes' throughout the book tie in with the film and, I hope, complement the artwork rather than distracting from it.

The character studies of Mandrake along with the Wraithwood environment are some of my favourite pages, a real contrast with the Leafmen and Moodhaven. I love the juxtaposition of good and bad, the fresh green against the brown, the life against the decay.

I'll end this with a geeky designer moment, I was really pleased with the way the dust jacket came out. It was one of our first books to be given a 'velvet' feel, it feels great and seems to suit the content, it makes you want to pick it up.

Here are a few of those stunning spreads..."





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