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Gift Guide 2010- Humor Books

Published on 30 November, 2010

Authored by Titan Books

Beetle Bailey: The Daily & Sunday Strips 1965
Set in a fictitious United States Army base called Camp Swampy, Beetle Bailey follows the adventures, or lack of them, of Private Bailey. He is a lazy, bone-idle shirker of almost epic proportions and his Herculean efforts to avoid work and his eternal quest for sleep are much to the chagrin of his long-suffering nemesis Sergeant Snorkel. (Find Out More)

Hagar the Horrible (The Epic Chronicles): Dailies 1974–75
The continuing quest of Hagar the Horrible, the world’s mildest marauder, to put food on the family table and loot in his coffers. Aided by his crew of odd-balls, misfits and miscreants, his sidekick Lucky Eddie and his long suffering wife Helga, Hagar is the most famous Viking in history. This volume collects strip from June 1974 to November 1975. (Find Out More)

Wizard of Id: The Best of the Wizard of Id
Welcome to the land of Id, a one horse kingdom ruled by a wretched, pint-sized tyrannical despot known only as The King. This is a collection of Brant Parker and Johnny Hart’s award winning newspaper strip, Featuring a cast of wise-cracking wizards and rotten rulers, drunken has-been jesters and cowardly knights. (Find Out More)