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Jerry Robinson 1922-2011

Published on 9 December, 2011

Authored by Titan Books

Comic book industry legend Jerry Robinson has died at age 89. Editor Steve Saffel says  “I was very sad to learn of Jerry's passing. I met him quite a few years ago, and have always been the better for it. Thank goodness I had the good fortune of spending some time with him on a couple of occasions over the last couple of years. It's impossible to list all of his excellent qualities--he was talented, a gentleman, intelligent, innovative, kind, and a sheer delight to everyone who knew him. Yet that hardly scrapes the surface. The comic book industry has lost a terrific artist, advocate, and innovator, and we've all lost a great man. While we're much the poorer today, we're much the richer for having had him."

DC Comics pay tribute to Jerry Robinson here.

Joe Simon, co-creator of "Captain America," and "Batman" artist Jerry Robinson at New York Comic-Con 2010. (courtesy of Titan Books) (Used by permission - © 2011 DANA HAYWARD)