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Jonny Porkpie’s DEAD SEXY

Published on 4 March, 2013

Authored by Titan Books

Saturday March 2, NYC: In the heart of Manhattan, in the heart of Times Square, in the heart of Times Scare, in a building that once housed the most infamous strip club in New York, comes a new weekly show featuring the best neo-burlesque performers on earth... And under it. From the award-winning Jonny Porkpie (Burlesque Mayor of NYC, Pinchbottom Burlesque, Grab My Junk) and Jeremy X. Halpern (The Ascent, Weirdos TV) comes a frighteningly attractive, monstrously talented, insanely seductive night of tease and titillation that can only be described as... DEAD SEXY.

“Dead Sexy is definitely what you’d call a ‘Neo’-Burlesque show,” said Jonny Porkpie. “We love the elegance and sensuality of classic burlesque, but you won’t get it here. This show will focus on the innovative, the bizarre, the otherworldly, the humorous, the freaky, the strange. You probably won’t see any feather boas... unless they’re being used to strangle someone.”

DEAD SEXY begins a 6-week trial run on Saturdays at 10pm starting March 2, presenting a delicious and dastardly blend of burlesque headliners, established performers, and newer faces — over 40 eminent ecdysiasts in all, many rarely seen locally, including every NYC-based performer ever named “Queen of Burlesque” or “Best Boylesque” by the Burlesque Hall of Fame, plus burlesque luminaries from Seattle, Los Angeles, Italy, London, Tokyo, sideshow and variety artists, and more.

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