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Discover two more Matt Helm novels!

Published on 14 September, 2020

Authored by Titan Books

We continue our celebration of the 60th anniversary of Matt Helm's debut adventure, Death of a Citizen, with a brilliant eBook deal: for the entire month of September get every Matt Helm novel for just 99p/$1.99/CDN$2.99 each!

We introduced the first two novels in this blog post, and these were followed by The Removers! A year after his reactivation and counter-agent Matt Helm, code name Eric, gets a call from his ex-wife, asking for help. Soon he’s torn between the neurotic urges of a gangster’s headstrong daughter and the remnants of his former life. There’s also his day job: enemy agent Martel must be ‘removed’ before he can threaten national security—or the lives of Helm’s family.

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In The Silencers, our hero is sent to Mexico to extract a female agent, but an assassin’s knife finds her before he does. He’s left with agent’s sister, a microfilm that every enemy operative seems to want, and the task of trying to prevent an American test explosion being far bigger than planned…

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Including these two brilliant adventures, Matt Helm starred in 27 novels selling more than 20 million copies worldwide, four blockbuster movies with Dean Martin in the lead role and a classic TV series. Check back later in the month to find out more about his other adventures!

“I've been reading this guy since I was in college. He captures a real world with a real character.” - TOM CLANCY New York Times-Bestselling Author

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