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Peter Milligan video interview (Part 3)

Published on 5 August, 2010

Authored by Titan Books

Here is the final part of our interview with Peter Milligan, where the acclaimed writer discusses his work on Hellblazer: Hooked.

Peter Milligan interview

Check out the other parts of our interview with Peter Milligan, where he discusses Greek Street and The Bronx Kill.

Also, Peter Milligan (along with artist Simon Bisley) will be signing Hellblazer: Hooked at the Forbidden Planet Megastore (London), on Saturday 7th August 1 – 2pm. Find out more details here.

John Constantine, chain-smoking occultist anti-hero, is back in a new volume from popular writer Peter Milligan.

After getting dumped by his girlfriend, John Constantine goes to extremes to get her back. But will he sink to a new low by using a love potion? Constantine’s enemy, the Babylonian shape-shifting demon Julian, and the hot young alchemist-gangster’s daughter Epiphany will certainly have something to say about this turn of events.