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Plague Town - Out today in the US!

Published on 3 April, 2012

Authored by Titan Books

Houston, We Have Lift-Off!

That's right; it's launch day for Plague Town (the reason you've been seeing me on this blog every Tuesday, blathering on about zombies)!  Ashley Parker and her gang of wild cards are hitting the streets, bookshelves and cyberspace and I could not be more excited.  Well, I could, but I'd probably end up in a psyche ward with a smile wider – and scarier -- than the Joker's, and people would look at me funny.  So I'll hold my level of excitement to the non-psychotic level. 

Plague Town is the culmination of a nearly life-long (platonic) love affair with zombies and writing.  Working with Titan Books has been an absolute dream, from my editor Steve Saffel, to the amazing publicity team (Tom, Sophie, Katharine, I adore you!).  I will be writing more pithy zombie-related posts, but right now I just want to shout out a huge "THANK YOU!" to Titan, drink a glass of wine, and pop in one of my many zombie movies.  So that's exactly what I'm gonna do. 

Zombie versus shark, anyone?