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Review Round-Up: Tales From Development Hell

Published on 22 March, 2012

Authored by Titan Books

Read what the press are saying about David Hughes' Tales From Development Hell:

'Tales from Development Hell is a fun exploration of a part of the entertainment industry from which fans rarely get many details, and would be a great addition to the bookshelf of any film buff or student of the art.
TG Daily

'Tales from Development Hell makes a great read for any movie buff'
Strange Kids Club

'If you’re familiar with the moviemaking process you’ll get a kick out of this book, although even if you’re not, Tales from Development Hell will provide you with amusing insight into its horrors.'

'Thoroughly readable and full of keen insights'
Wall Street Journal

'Tales From Development Hell is an entertaining and informative collection'
Geeks of Doom

'If you're a budding screenwriter who wants to know what you're up against or just someone who is interested in the behind the scenes dealings of Hollywood, then this book is definitely for you.'
TV Overmind

'A fascinating read, something that appeals to the movie buff in all of us.'
SciFi Mafia

'Hughes makes an entertaining guide through hell'

'If you love movies, this book will give you an aneurysm'

'This wonderful book is so dense with information and incredible trivia'
Hollywood Chicago

'There are a lot of great little facts in the book, and you can tell that Hughes certainly did his research.'
Movie Viral

'Must-read material for movie fans.'
Film Junk