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Silhouettes From Popular Culture

Published on 15 May, 2012

Authored by Titan Books

Titan Books to publish the first book collecting striking and playful art from influential pop culture artist.

Born in the UK in 1987, Olly Moss has quickly become “one of the most in demand and influential pop culture artists in the world today” (Slashfilm). Titan Books are delighted to announce the acquisition of worldwide rights to publish a lavish hardback collection of Moss’s sought-after series depicting popular characters from films, television and video games in beautifully crafted Victorian-style silhouette portraits.

Olly Moss’s clients have included Nike, Apple, Lucasfilm, Sony Entertainment, Paramount, The New York Times and Time Magazine. His projects vary from posters for classic and contemporary films (including Star Wars and, most recently, The Avengers), to art for bestselling games such as Resistance 3, and designs for Levi’s and Urban Outfitters.

Silhouettes From Popular Culture collects Moss’s acclaimed ‘Paper Cuts’ series exhibited at the sold-out solo show at LA’s famous pop-culture Gallery 1988. The book will have a foreword written by Duncan Jones (director of Source Code and Moon) and will be published in a gorgeous gift volume in October.

Praise for Olly Moss

“His minimalist musings on movie and pop-culture themes are always things of beauty.” Empire

“His stuff sells out immediately, and is just plain cool.” Ain’t It Cool News

“Bold graphics, serious inspiration and a wry sense of humor.” New York Times

“When people think of a “pop idol” they generally think of someone who is young, talented, had a quick rise to fame and the kind of devoted loyal fan base who’d wait 24 hours on the street to see them. By those standards, and many more, U.K. based artist Olly Moss is now a pop idol.” Slashfilm