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Simon & Kirby on USATODAY.com

Published on 28 October, 2011

Authored by Titan Books

Brian Truitt at USA Today speaks with Max Allan Collins about the legacy of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby ahead of the release of The Simon & Kirby Library: Crime.

Read the article here.

The creators of Captain America and the Boy Commandos produced some of the hardest-hitting crime comics of the 1950s. Often featuring real-world criminals like Ma Barker, Al Capone, and Pretty Boy Floyd, and true-to-life events like the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, these adventures were torn from post-prohibition headlines. Explosive enough to draw the attention of the congressional committee on juvenile delinquency, they remain action-packed for today's graphic novel audience. These are the best of the Simon and Kirby Crime comics, fully restored and collected for the first time, with a brand new introduction from bestselling crime writer, Max Allan Collins.