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Spandex: Fast and Hard (Coming Soon)

By Titan Books On 26 01 2012

Spandex: Fast and Hard (Coming Soon)

Prowler, Liberty, Glitter, Indigo, Butch, Mr Muscles, Diva — all superpowered, all British, and the first all gay super-hero team there ever was! Created by independent creator Martin Eden, Spandex charts the highs and lows of a group of Brighton-based heroes, doing battle with 50-foot lesbians, a group of deadly pink ninjas, as well as their own complicated love lives! Packed with pop culture references, nods to classic comics and chock-full of humour and drama, Spandex is a super-hero book like no other! This is the very first collection of Martin Eden’s award-nominated comic and collects Spandex #1-3, plus bonus material!

Check out this video interview from Angie Thomas, where Martin Eden discusses the comic, the characters and his views on superpowers.

Spandex - Interview with Martin Eden from Angie Thomas on Vimeo.

Spandex - Fast and Hard is released on May 22nd in the US and May 25th in the UK.

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