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Spandex: Meet Butch and Mr Muscles!

By Titan Books On 22 03 2012

Spandex: Meet Butch and Mr Muscles!

Meet Butch and Mr Muscles!

The creation of these super-twins happened fairly quickly. Butch came into my head pretty fully formed. She barely says a word, but she’s one of my favourite characters to write, definitely. It’s a fun challenge – to make readers like someone who barely says anything! Butch is invulnerable and has a very naughty secret which is revealed at the end of the first issue.

I didn’t really ‘know’ Mr Muscles very well and found him a bit hard to write. But that’s another challenge, and I think he’s important to the balance of the team. Mr M is super-strong and he used to fight with Glitter as ‘Bear Man & Twinkle’ a few years ago.

I really liked the name Joanie (one of my favourites on America’s Next Top Model), and I thought Joanie Jones was a good superhero-identity name. So obviously her brother had to be Jim Jones!

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