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Spandex: Meet Glitter!

Published on 14 March, 2012

Authored by Titan Books

Meet Glitter!

Glitter (light powers guy) kind-of originated in the pages of The O Men. He’s fun and has a naughty and silly sense of humour. Glitter wasn’t one of my favourite characters at first, but after I focused on him in issue 3, I understood him a lot better and I really like him now.

As for his superhero name – well, my mom was a teacher, and her boss/headmaster was very camp... At his retirement do he had lots of sparkly presents and he said “ooh I like a bit of glitter”, and the word “glitter” has stuck with me (in a camp way) ever since!

Glitter’s real name is Luke Smithers, and his surname is an homage to a famously gay cartoon character...