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The Squickerwonkers - Limited Edition

Published on 19 January, 2015

Authored by Titan Books

Evangeline Lilly's first book for children, "The Squickerwonkers" is now available to pre-order as a stunning limited edition.


This amazing collector's item features a whole host of new content, including:

— Exclusive bonus illustrations

— Extra material explaining the development and history of Squickerwonkers

— A signed artwork tip-in sheet from Evangeline Lilly and Johnny Fraser-Allen.

These editions are limited to 500 copies wordwide, so PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW.         


Meet Selma of the Rin-Run Royals, a clever little girl who is spoiled to the core. One day Selma stumbles upon a band of colourful marionettes, and gets more than she bargained for. The remarkable Squickerwonkers of the fabulous Squickershow are about to teach Selma that she’ll not always get her way.


Evangeline Lilly is best known for her work as an actress, but her foremost passion has always been writing. This book is her first published work. Beautifully illustrated by Johnny Fraser-Allen, this eccentric and visually stunning cautionary tale will appeal to adults and children alike.