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Team Titan’s Anticipated 2022 Titles

Published on 23 December, 2021


2021 was a successful year for Titan Books, with a whole host of incredible fiction and non-fiction titles being published. But now that the year is drawing to an end, we’re looking forward to the range of brilliant titles that we’ll be publishing in 2022, from gripping fantasy to horror, insightful behind-the-scenes books and adventurous cookbooks. 

To see what 2022 titles the Titan Books Team is looking forward to, read on below.


Eleanor Thomas, Publicity & Marketing: One Titan title I'm really looking forward to in 2022 is Victoria Lee's A Lesson in Vengeance, an engrossing tale of murder and obsession made even more thrilling by the unreliable narrator. It is gloriously written, and highlights the latent LGBTQIA+ content featured in many dark academia novels by bringing it to the forefront. Felicity and Ellis are dangerously addictive, and I savoured every page. Other Titan books I'm looking forward to in 2022 are The Haunting of Las Lagrimas (a gothic novel set in early 20th century Argentina) by W.M. Cleese & In A Garden Burning Gold (epic Balkan-inspired fantasy) by Rory Power.


Laura Price, Editorial Director: I can't wait to get my hands on J.L Worrad's Pennyblade and Ann Claycomb's Silenced. One a rumbustious romp, the other a story of rising up and biting back. From our Illustrated Books list, I'm really looking forward to The Art of Love, Death + Robots showcasing the talent behind the brilliant Neflix animated series, and our tribute to the legendary concept artist Ron Cobb (The Art of Ron Cobb). 


Rosa Gomez, Sales: Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke has been on my TBR for the longest time so I was so excited to see that we were publishing it for 2022 - who doesn't love a bit of body horror? And of course my teenage self is elated by seeing the Diablo: The Sanctuary Tarot Deck and Guidebook and the Gilmore Girls Cookbook.


George Sandison, Editorial: Titan's 2022 list will be wild, beautiful and powerfully awesome, whatever your tastes. We've got: the searingly taut, kickass-yet-heartbreaking cyberpunk of 36 Streets; the deeply beautiful, uncanny-yet-lush gothic fantasies of southern Italy in Never the Wind; and hands-down the most brilliantly bonkers-yet-superintelligent ultra-tech fasionista dystopia (Brave Ru World anyone?) you'll ever read in Glitterati. Books you’ll never forget, that’s the game.


Sophie Robinson, Editorial: I'm looking forward to Hooked by A.C. Wise, a lush modern Peter Pan continuation about what happened to Captain Hook after he left Neverland. Plus I can't wait for Black Mouth by Ronald Malfi, a terrifying mixture Doctor Sleep and NOS4A2 – you'll never see a magic trick the same way again. 


Hannah Scudamore, Marketing: I'm looking forward to The Art and Science of Arrival. I can't wait to get behind the scenes of Villeneuve's 2016 modern-day classic and this will follow in the footsteps of the beautiful art books for Blade Runner 2049 and Dune. I was fascinated by the movie's concept of non-linear time so I'm excited to get into the nitty gritty and read the interviews with the scientists who worked on the film.


Michael Beale, Editorial: Pennyblade: Sorry George, the corrections for Pennyblade are taking longer than usual because I keep accidentally reading it instead of doing any work.” Audacious, rude, hilarious, disgusting, and a genuine delight to read. I’m so happy that Pennyblade was one of the first books I got to work on at Titan. I’m also looking forward to Not Good for Maidens, a gory, witchy romp through a goblin-threatened York in a retelling of Christina Rossetti’s brilliant “Goblin Market”. Folk rhymes, magic, death, and decay are intertwined with an LGBT+ coming-of-age story – what else could you want?? I’ve got all my fingers crossed hoping for a sequel so I can spend more time in the goblin market.


Cat Camacho, Editorial: I can't wait for the perfect companion for the long January evenings to land: All the White Spaces by Ally Wilkes. It's a ghost story, but also so much more: Polar survival in the wake of the First World War are perfectly balanced with a trans man's journey of discovery, in a wintery landscape where something unimaginable lurks. Then looking forward to the future is space-age eco thriller The Moonday Letters, landing in July. An epistolary novel and a love story between two individuals from very different worlds, travelling from the frozen moons of Jupiter to the colonies of Mars. 


Davi Lancett, Editorial:

·       Last Exit: An electrifying road trip across America and alternate realities to stop your lost loved one from coming back in a storm of darkness to end the world? Sign me up! Zelda and her former gang of college friends live rent-free in my head and I've not been able to stop thinking about this book since I first read it. It's a wild ride and one of the most imaginative, compelling books I've read in years.

·       The Pallbearers Club: A new novel from Paul Tremblay is always a treat, and always brings something fresh to the table. Art Barbara is a loner, and the coolest girl he's ever met decides to adopt him as a friend. Sure, she likes taking pictures of corpses and weird, terrifying things start happening in the night, but that's fine, right? Expect heartwarming characters suffering blood-chilling events, and, as ever with Paul, meta shenanigans aplenty. 

·       Nettle & Bone: Y'know what we don't see a lot of any more? Gravewitches. Or reluctant fairy godmothers. Or demon-possessed chickens. T. Kingfisher's first foray into adult fantasy is a dark and delightful take on fairy tales, as a third-born princess-nun realises no one is coming to rescue her or her sisters from a rotten prince. Full of charm and humour, and dripping with creepiness, this book has it all. 


Cath Trechman, Editorial: Gareth L. Powell's brand-new space opera epic adventure Stars and Bones is an unmissable highlight of next year, full of memorable characters, this dazzlingly inventive tale hurtles along at a break-neck pace. Angela Slatter's gothic delight The Path of Thorns has dark secrets, witches and magic, and more plot twists than it should be possible to fit inside an average-sized novel. It's a glorious read. Tim Lebbon conjures up incredible and terrible futures wrought by climate change and in his latest gripping supernatural thriller The Last Storm, you will feel the heat of the American desert burn your skin and the dust in your eyes, as well as the terror of what the storm might bring...  Other highlights include Cackle by Rachel Harrison, a wonderfully dark feminist tale of witches, bad ex-boyfriends, good coffee and friendly spiders; No Gods, No Monsters by Cadwell Turnbull and Road of Bones by Christopher Golden.


Elora Hartway, Editorial: I love a good escapist read, and Titan’s 2022 roster features some seriously strong contenders. I can’t wait to dive into the beautifully brutal world of Temple of No God by H. M. Long, the woodland whimsy of Christopher Irvin’s Ragged and the addictively complex politics of G. R. Macallister’s epic fantasy, Scorpica. 


Frankie Piscitelli, Editorial: I'm looking forward to Glitterati: I was intrigued by the title and hooked by the synopsis from the get-go - the premise is unique, deliciously camp and satisfyingly dystopian. From non-fiction, I'm looking forward to The Art of and Science of Arrival (because it's one of my favourite modern sci-fi films) and The Art of Love, Death + Robots because I've heard it's a great show.


William Robinson, Design: It was a brave task for Netflix to adapt the beloved Cowboy Bebop anime into live-action in 2021, and Cowboy Bebop: Making the Netflix Series is the definitive telling of just how it was done! It features insight on the iconic characters, detailed concept art, and juicy behind the scenes info, making it an emphatic showcase for the thought and care that went into such a mammoth adaptation. Also, it’s another reason to look at pictures of the adorable corgi Ein, so what’s not to love? Additionally, Aliens vs. Predators: Ultimate Prey is the latest anthology of stories from the infamous science-fiction crossover! The fifteen new and original stories take in a variety of settings and situations that should keep you on the edge of your seat, and provide plenty of entertainment for fans of either classic movie monster. Whether on Earth or in space, against one or multiple, always watch your back… 


Katharine Carroll, Publicity: The Shadow Glass by Josh Winning is a fun, witty and endearing tribute to cult films of the 80s all wrapped up in an endearing coming-of-age story about the legacy of family …all with just enough darkness. Ricky’s Hand, by David Quantick, is a funny, violent, thoughtful black comedy about the way misfits bond together and how redemption is found in the most unlikely of places.


Sarah Mather, Publicity: Marjorie Liu’s The Tangleroot Palace is a spellbinding collection of six deliciously dark short stories and an enthralling full-length novella, full of unexpected detours, dangerous magic, and even more dangerous women. Together We Burn by Isabel Ibañez is an explosive Spanish-inspired fantasy and a must-read for 2022. Enter the scorching arena of dragons and dance with Zarela Zalvidar as she seeks to save her ancestral home from ruin. Lisa Lutz brings forth a riveting and atmospheric psychological thriller in The Accomplice which examines the bonds of friendship and the cost of breaking them in this gripping and witty page-turner. Last but not least, Hot Water by Christopher Fowler is a wickedly impulsive thriller of the very best kind. Set amidst the criminally rich in the South of France, Fowler has skilfully crafted a complex tale that will hold you to the very last page…


Lydia Gittins, Publicity: For the last two years a book called The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue about a young woman cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets has – ironically – proven to be unforgettable by everyone, and I’m so excited to once again be working author V.E. Schwab on her new book Gallant. A dark and magical book about a young woman caught between worlds, Oliva Porter is missing three things: her mother, her father, and a voice. Summoned home to a family estate she didn’t know existed, Oliva finds herself living between two worlds, one of light and one of shadow. I read this book cover-to-cover in one sitting, and I can’t wait to share it. Another return party I’m throwing is for author Stephen Graham Jones and My Heart is a Chainsaw star Jade, as the horror continues this Autumn in the follow up title Don’t Fear the Reaper. One of the best scare-givers writing today, Stephen is an author not to miss a single thing from. And finally, in case you want a rest from my standard diet of *checks notes* death, monsters, ghosts, serial killers, next year we have one of the coolest projects I’ve ever worked on: Roxy Live: Under Exposed by Jocelyn Fiske is the definitive backstage experience with the iconic band, packed with unseen and candid photography, rare memorabilia, and cheeky anecdotes it’s an amazing collection and the perfect guide to tricking your friends into believing you really were there.