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Titan Books to Distribute Avatar Press in the UK

Published on 28 July, 2011

Authored by Titan Books

Titan is partnering with Avatar Press, the highly regarded independent publisher of comic books, founded in 1996 by William A. Christensen, to distribute their award-winning line to the book trade in the UK and Ireland.

Featuring exciting work from major stars of the comic book universe including Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, George RR Martin, Christos Gage, David Lapham, and more, Avatar Press is notable for offering creators an opportunity to publish creator-owned books with no content restrictions whatsoever!

It is planned that Titan will distribute approximately 40 new books a year, with full PR and marketing campaigns on lead titles. In addition Titan will make the rich Avatar back catalogue fully available to the book trade.  The first titles will include, George R.R Martin’s Fevre Dream, Night of the Living Dead 2, and Alan Moore’s much anticipated Neonomicon, which will all be available in the UK from Titan in late 2011.

Nick Landau, Publisher, at Titan Books, says, “ We are proud and delighted to be working with a wonderful publisher like Avatar and are confident we will raise their  business to new levels in the UK”.

William A. Christensen , CEO of Avatar Press,  added: “The UK book market is a challenging environment to sell into.  We are happy to have an institution like Titan Books to help us navigate the waters and provide long-standing relationships with the biggest booksellers.  The opportunity to work together wit their highly regarded distribution network will allow us to reach new readers in the UK.”