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Titan Books at Fantasycon 2015

Published on 22 October, 2015

Authored by Titan Books

We’re very excited to be heading off to Fantasycon in Nottingham this weekend for plenty of book chat, book purchasing and perhaps the odd beer… We have launches, readings and panel appearances so please look out for us and come and say hello. Here’s where we’ll be…

Friday, October 23nd

5pm: Someone Else’s World: Writing in a Franchise – Titan authors Mark Morris, author of The Obsidian Heart series, as well as the Noah movie novelization, and Mark Latham, author of The Lazarus Gate, will appear alongside David Thomas Moore, Paul Kane, Rebecca Levene and Brandon Sanderson.

Saturday, October 24rd

10am: Blades, Wands & Lasers: Fighting the Good Fight Scene – Danie Ware, author of the Ecko series will appear alongside Clifford Beal, Juliet E. McKenna, Kevin Andrew Murphy and Jo Thomas.

10am: Is Doctor Who the Single Greatest Idea for a TV Show Anyone Has Ever Had? Discuss! Titan author Mark Morris will be moderating this discussion for panellists Ali Baker, James Goss, LM Myles, Kit Power and Rob Shearman.

11am: Monster Mash-Up: Were-Vamp-Zom-Zilla With Wings! Tim Lebbon, author of The Silence and several Alien/Predator tie-in novels will appear alongside Jon Oliver, Carrie Buchanan, Cassandra Khaw, Will Macmillan Jones and Adele Wearing.

2pm: Mark Latham and Mark Morris Titan Books Launch – Join us for the launch of Mark Latham’s The Lazarus Gate and Mark Morris’ The Society of Blood (second book in The Obsidian Heart trilogy) 

2pm: Turn Up the Volumes: Marketing and Selling Books – Titan author and Forbidden Planet marketer Danie Ware will appear alongside Adele Wearing, Sophie Calder, Jo Fletcher, Graeme Reynolds and Matt Shaw.

3pm: British Horror Present and Future – Nina Allan, author of The Race (new edition forthcoming from Titan in 2016) will appear alongside Stephen Jones, editor of the Shadows Over Innsmouth series, and James Everington, Cate Gardner, Alison Littlewood, Adam Nevill, Simon Kurt Unsworth.

3.00pm: Marc Turner Reading

3.20pm: Mark Latham Reading

4pm: Here Be Dragons: Can Epic Fantasy Reinvent Itself – Marc Turner, author of When the Heavens Fall and its forthcoming sequel Dragon Hunters, will appear alongside Gillian Redfearn, Bradley Beaulieu, Den Patrick, Brandon Sanderson and Jen Williams.

4.40pm: Danie Ware Reading

5pm: Genre Publishing in the 21st Century – Titan editor Natalie Laverick will appear alongside Marc Gascoigne, Meg Davis, Jo Fletcher, Anne Perry and Gillian Redfearn.

5pm: Robots, Beasts and Humanimals: Writing Non-Human Characters – Titan author Ren Warom, her debut novel Escapology forthcoming in 2016, will appear alongside Guy Haley, Janet Edwards, Deborah Install, Gareth L Powell and Adrian Tchaikovsky.

6pm: The Short Story: Short-Lived or Part of the Long Game? – Titan author Nina Allan will appear alongside Allen Ashley, Gary Couzens, Andrew Hook, Laura Mauro and Marie O’Regan.

Hope to see you there!

Cath, Natalie & Lydia