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Video Flick-Through: Avatar: Collector’s Vault 3D

Published on 5 November, 2010

Authored by Titan Books

James Cameron’s Academy Award-Winning Avatar smashed box office records to become the highest-grossing film of all time. To celebrate the release of the Extended Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, Titan books are publishing the definitive companion to the 3D science-fiction epic, Avatar Collector’s Vault 3D [15th November, £34.99].

As you make your way through James Cameron’s Avatar Collector’s Vault 3D, you will journey though stunning terrain that few human eyes have seen – the world of the Na’vi, the 10-foot-tall blue-skinned humanoids who inhabit Pandora. View the moon’s amazing creatures, ranging from the gentle, spirit-powered wood sprite to fearsome predators such as the thanator and the great flying leonopteryx.

Presented in a slipcase, with a pair of 3D glasses, this stunning oversized hardcover is packed with exclusive photos, and also includes more than 60 special features and removable pieces.