Flaviu Pop

Flaviu Pop is a comic book illustrator, concept artist and pop culture enthusiast. He’s been active as a professional artist since 2020. He made his debut in indie comics with DIGITAL, a sci fi comic book series he co-created and published with fellow authors Rich Watkin and Zaky Hnana in 2021, where he worked as illustrator, character designer, cover artist and colorist. Flaviu’s also worked on various projects such as Gekko The Bounty Hunter (2021 – cover artist, illustrator, letterer and designer), a fan fiction origin story of the character Gekko from the Mandalorian, The Cardinal (2023 – cover artist and illustrator) for Alpha Comics Publishing, he created character designs and splash art for San Francisco based video game developer Syzygy Studios (2022), and has an ongoing cover art collaboration with electronic music artists such as Tokyo Rose, ALEX, Naeleck, Rogue VHS and Extra Terra.

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