G James Daichendt

Daichendt is professor of Art History at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California and the author of Stay Up: Los Angeles Street Art, Artist Teacher: A Philosophy for Creating and Teaching and Artist Scholar: Reflections on Writing and Research. He is the founding and principal editor of the academic journal Visual Inquiry: Learning and Teaching Art, the arts and culture editor for the magazine Beverly Hills Lifestyle, and a regular contributor to a variety of arts journals and newspapers, including Teaching Artist Journal, Art Education, and the International Journal of Art and Design Education. Dr. Daichendt also contributes art criticism of Southern California museums and galleries for ArtScene and Artillery: Killer Text on Art. He holds a doctorate degree from Columbia University and graduate degrees from Harvard and Boston Universities.


  • Shepard Fairey, Inc

    17 Apr 2014

    Shepard Fairey is arguably the most influential street artist in the world. His works capture the spirit of our times …