Easy Death

Daniel Boyd

“Daniel Boyd” is the pseudonym of a veteran police officer who served for nearly thirty years in a department in central Ohio, including four years as Chief of Police. EASY DEATH is his first crime novel. His one prior novel, ’NADA, was published in 2010 and was nominated for the Spur Award for Best First Novel by the Western Writers of America.

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…and two robbers hired by a local crime boss manage to heist half a million dollars from an armored car. But getting the money and getting away with it are two different things, especially with a blizzard coming down, the cops in hot pursuit, and a double-crossing gambler and a murderous park ranger threatening to turn this white Christmas blood red.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9780857685797
  • Dimensions: x mm
  • Trade Paperback: 240pp
  • Publication date: 14 November 2014
  • All authors:
    Daniel Boyd

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