Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth

Andrew Loomis

One of the great commercial illustrators of the 40s and 50s, Andrew Loomis books are classics in the genre and highly sought after by commercial illustrators, comic book artists and concept artists alike. "Loomis's realistic approach infected me with the desire to make all my work, comics and otherwise, fully believable."-- Alex Ross, Mythology

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For nearly 70 years Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth has provided a seminal course covering all the techniques needed to master drawing the figure. Hailed by the American Academy of Art as “one of the most brilliant contributions that figure drawing has ever received” Loomis’s book is packed with beautiful examples to help you master anatomy and capture the human form at any age, in movement and at rest. Engaging, witty, and wonderfully executed, this is a masterclass for amateur artists and professional illustrators alike.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9780857680983
  • Dimensions: 305 x 225mm
  • Hardback with dustjacket: 208pp
  • Publication date: 27 May 2011
  • Illustration detail: B/w illustrations throughout
  • All authors:
    Andrew Loomis

The Estate of Andrew Loomis

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