James Bond - Colonel Sun

Jim Lawrence

James Lawrence began his writing career scripting training films for the US Armed Forces, and moved on to write features including Buck Rogers and Joe Palooka.

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Yaroslav Horak

Yaroslav Horak created the outback adventure strip Mike Steel for the Sydney Morning Herald.

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The legend continues! Stand by for more adventures with the world’s greatest secret agent, as some of his most thrilling missions are collected for the first time ever!

When James Bond’s boss, the enigmatic M, is kidnapped in Greece, Bond must race to his rescue — with only some local fishermen to help! But 007 uncovers a plan to sabotage a USSR summit... and the evil Colonel Sun is planning to frame the British Secret Service for the crime!

This new, never-before-collected edition, features Kingsley Amis’s only
James Bond story, and also collects River of Death. Plus a new introduction by Bond girl Britt Ekland and exclusive features examining the post-Fleming comics, and Amis’s Bond!

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Colonel Sun 1968 Glidrose Productions Ltd./Express Newspapers Ltd 1987.River of Death 1969 Glidrose Productions Ltd./Express Newspapers Ltd 1987.

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