Major Eazy - Heart of Iron (Vol. 1)

Alan Hebden

Alan Hebden, British comic writer, best known for writing Major Eazy and El Mestizo. He also wrote Crazy Keller, Fighting Mann and Clash of the Guards.

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Carlos Ezquerra

Carlos Ezquerra is a veteran in comics: co-creator of the iconic Judge Dredd, as well as Strontium Dog for 2000 AD, and artist on Preacher and War Stories.

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Major Eazy is a maverick soldier in a dirty war, caught up in the Allies’ invasion of Italy in 1944 and determined to see justice done. Even when that means taking on villains on his own side, he doesn’t pull any punches! More movie star than military, Eazy was the most laconic and indeed British officer ever to grace the pages of a comic. This volume starts from the very beginning of Eazy’s story.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781848564411
  • Dimensions: 296 x 220mm
  • Hardback: 120pp
  • Publication date: 22 June 2012
  • Illustration detail: Black and white comic strip
  • All authors:
    Alan Hebden , Carlos Ezquerra

Major Eazy Egmont UK Ltd 2012.

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