Seagalogy: The Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal (New Updated Edition)


The writer known only as Vern is loved for his unorthodox reviewing style and his expertise in "the films of Badass Cinema." His review of the slasher movie CHAOS earned him a wrestling challenge from its director; his explosive essay on the PG-13 rating of LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD prompted Bruce Willis himself to walk barefoot across the broken glass of movie message boards to respond.

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An in-depth study of the world's only aikido instructor turned movie star/director/writer/blues guitarist/energy drink inventor, the ass-kicking auteur Steven Seagal.

The hilarious “instant cult classic”, hailed by the
New York Post, Entertainment Weekly and even Time magazine, is back, updated and extended with 10 new chapters!

Brand new material includes Vern’s hilarious deconstruction of Seagal’s appearance in the Robert Rodriguez movie
Machete, and coverage of Seagal’s own hit reality TV show, Lawman .

Praise for
A Study of the Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal

“This book is an instant cult classic”

“We can't believe this actually exists, but the world is certainly a better place for it”
New York Magazine

“It’s as enlightening as it is thorough.”
Time Magazine

“Uproariously funny... the film book I never knew I always wanted to read.”

“Vern turns his curious love of the oeuvre of aging action star Steven Seagal into a new branch of academia”
Entertainment Weekly

“REQUIRED READING. [Vern] analyzes Seagal's body of work - including energy drinks he endorsed - as if he were deconstructing the Bible”
New York Post

“One of the most compulsively readable film books ever published and I’m not kidding about that even a little bit”

Vern promises it's ‘the book that will shake the very foundations of film criticism, break their wrists and then throw them through a window.’ SOLD!”

“What, you thought they only had study books for Darwin? That’s right, one of the most intriguing film stars of all time is finally getting his due”

“mind–blowingly comprehensive”
Philadelphia Weekly

“Huge fun...a great loo book for any action fan”

“A life-changing piece of literature”
Channel 5

“affectionate, in-depth and often side splitting”

“A raucous, thigh-slapping and informative read… an unexpected gem”

“[Vern is] a talented and entertaining writer… Seagalogists, your Bible has arrived”
Beyond Hollywood

“Perhaps never before has so much effort been expended on a subject of such limited cultural importance. Nor has it been done to such sidesplitting, wrist-breaking, glass-shattering effect”
The Columbus Dispatch

“Seagalogy isn't a mere work of absurd niche market fanboyism: It's a definitive text.”
Baltimore Citypaper

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9780857687227
  • Dimensions: 210 x 140mm
  • Paperback: 512pp
  • Publication date: 30 March 2012
  • All authors:

2012 by Vern. All Rights Reserved.

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