Simpsons Comics - Shake-Up

Matt Groening

Since their first appearance on The Tracey Ullman Show more than ten years ago, Simpsons creator MATT GROENING has successfully developed Bart & Co. into a much loved, zillion dollar franchise.

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Everyone’s favourite dysfunctional family is back in a brand new collection of wild and hilarious adventures, including all-new stories featuring some of the cast’s fan favourite characters.Join Homer Bart, Marge et al as they illuminate the relationship between man and sofa! It’s out of this universe jokes aplenty in this wonderful new Simpsons collection

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781783290703
  • Dimensions: 258 x 170mm
  • Paperback: 176pp
  • Publication date: 31 January 2014
  • Illustration detail: Colour comic strip
  • All authors:
    Matt Groening

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