Spielberg, Truffaut & Me - An Actor’s Diary



Since all journalists and writers were barred from the shooting of the movie, actor Bob Balaban’s often hilarious diary is the only on the spot account of the making of Steven Spielberg’s classic sci-fi phenomenon Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

A rare ‘making of’ book written from an actor’s eye view, Balaban (who played Laughlin in the film, opposite the legendary Francois Truffaut as Lacombe) provides the most detailed account of Steven Spielberg at work yet published, includes a fascinating portrait of the late Truffaut, and superbly captures just what it’s really like to make a sci-fi blockbuster.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781840234305
  • Dimensions: 230 x 150mm
  • Paperback: 176pp plus 8pp colour section
  • Publication date: 23 August 2002
  • Illustration detail: b/w and 8pp colour section
  • All authors:
    Bob Balaban

Spielberg, Truffaut & Me: An Actors Diary copyright 2002 Bob Balaban.

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