Star Wars - Empire (Vol. 7) — The Wrong Side of the War

Davide Fabbri

Davidé Fabbri has worked on the Star Wars series Jedi Council: Acts of War and The Hunt for Aurra Sing. He has also contributed art to the official Planet of the Apes movie adaptation.

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This seventh and final graphic novel in the best-selling Empire series is set during the early days of the Rebellion — when the Empire still held the galaxy in its grip of iron.

After a dangerous assault on Jabiim, the last remaining rebels and their leader Jorin Sol are captured and taken to an Imperial base on Kalist IV. As Sol is interrogated, a team of rebel intelligence officers take the initiative by infiltrating the base disguised as the crew of an Imperial fuel tanker. And one of those rebels is Luke Skywalker...

This epic new volume is essential reading for those who wish to find out what happened between the two blockbuster Star Wars trilogies, and includes a wealth of bonus material!

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