Tarzan - In The City of Gold (Vol. 1)
The Complete Burne Hogarth Sundays and Dailies Library

Don Garden

Don Garden was the writer of the Tarzan newspaper strip from 1934 through 1947, collaborating with artists Hal Foster, Burne Hogarth, and Ruben Moreira. He also wrote the daily newspaper strip, working with artists Rex Maxon and William Juhre.

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Burne Hogarth

Burne Hogarth is one of the two most famous artists ever to tackle the newspaper adventures of Tarzan of the Apes. He is one of the most influential illustrators of the twentieth century, thanks to his unmatched Tarzan strips and his books Dynamic Anatomy and Dynamic Figure Drawing.

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This is the first of four exclusive volumes that will collect all of Hogarth’s newspaper strips. Beginning with the adventures “Tarzan in the City of Gold” and continuing with “Tarzan and the Boers,” Hogarth and writer Don Garden hit the ground running, and produced some of the most acclaimed stories ever to appear in the pages of newspapers worldwide.

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  • ISBN: 9781781163177
  • Dimensions: 324 x 246mm
  • Hardback: 168pp
  • Publication date: 9 May 2014
  • All authors:
    Don Garden , Burne Hogarth

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