The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula

Loren D. Estleman

Loren D. Estleman has written more than 60 books and 100s of short stories and articles. He specializes in mysteries and historical westerns, such as the Amos Walker series - now on its 20th volume - and his Page Murdock series. He has won many awards, including two American Mystery Awards, and has been nominated for the National Book Award.

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A mysterious schooner runs aground in an English harbor. Its cargo is fifty boxes of earth; its only living passenger, a black dog. The captain’s body is lashed to the wheel—lifeless, drained of blood. Soon, a rash of bizarre nocturnal crimes terrifies London. It can only be the work of Count Dracula, and only one man can save the city: the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes.

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(c) 1978, 2012 Loren D. Estleman

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