The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Stalwart Companions

H. Paul Jeffers

H. Paul Jeffers is a successful author, with many books under his belt including The Bully Pulpit, a biography of Teddy Roosevelt; Freemasons: A History of the World’s Oldest Secret Society; The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Great Depression; and his latest military historical study, Taking Command: General J. Lawton Collins From Guadalcanal to Utah Beach and Victory in Europe.

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Before Sherlock Holmes formed his longstanding alliance with the imitable Dr Watson, one of his earliest investigations was alongside the future President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. These “stalwart companions” must together solve a most complicated case that could herald the death of the American Dream.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781848565098
  • Dimensions: 202 x 131 mm
  • Trade Paperback: 208pp
  • Publication date: 26 February 2010
  • All authors:
    H. Paul Jeffers

H. Paul Jeffers 1978, 2009.

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