The Wizard of Id: The Dailies & Sundays - 1972

Brant Parker

Brant Parker is an American cartoonist who co-produced and illustrated the comic strip, Wizard of Id until passing the job on to his son, Jeff Parker, in 1997.

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Johnny Hart

Johnny Hart is an American cartoonist who created the comic strips B.C. and Wizard of Id. Hart was recognized with several awards, including five from the National Cartoonists Society.

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Welcome to the Kingdom of Id, a one-horse kingdom ruled by a wretched, pint-sized tyrannical despot known only as The King. This is a collection of Brant Parker and Johnny Hart’s award-winning newspaper strip, featuring a cast of wise-cracking wizards and rotten rulers, drunken has-been jesters and cowardly knights. This volume collects the daily and Sunday strips from 1972 for the very first time, as well as new background feature material and family photographs, never-before-seen!

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781848566842
  • Dimensions: 165 x 209 mm
  • Hardback: 224pp
  • Publication date: 28 September 2012
  • Illustration detail: B/w newspaper strip
  • All authors:
    Brant Parker , Johnny Hart

The Wizard of Id 2012 John L. Hart Family Ltd Partnership. The Wizard of Id 2012 Creators Syndicate.

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