Transformers Adventures - Vol. 1

Simon Furman

Simon Furman is the ultimate fan-favourite Transformers writer, having written hundreds of stories about the robots in disguise since their first comics appearance in the early 1980s. He is currently writing all-new Transformers comics for IDW and for Titan!

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Now the stars of the smash hit movie return in this prequel to the film! Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Ironhide, Devastator, Jazz, and more of your favourite characters appear in all new stories illustrated by some of the best artists in comics today.

This full colour, pocket-sized edition contains special features on the characters and their thrilling universe making it essential reading for any
Transformers fan!

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781845768362
  • Dimensions: 190 x 134mm
  • Paperback: 80pp
  • Publication date: 25 April 2008
  • Illustration detail: Colour comic strip
  • All authors:
    Simon Furman , Geoff Senior

Transformers 2008 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

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