Transformers - Fallen Angel

Simon Furman

Simon Furman is the ultimate fan-favourite Transformers writer, having written hundreds of stories about the robots in disguise since their first comics appearance in the early 1980s. He is currently writing all-new Transformers comics for IDW and for Titan!

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Continuing the bestselling Transformers collections, this never-before-collected reprint of the extremely hard-to-find Transformers UK comic material collects the Fallen Angel storyline, which relates directly to the events of the DVD smash-hit Transformers: The Movie!

Galvatron has yet again managed to jump back into Earth’s past — but it looks like this time his circuits are
really fried, as he initiates a plan to harness an explosion of unimaginable destructive power, and make himself a god! Now, it will take the combined power of the Dinobots, Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime and the Decepticons to stop him and save Earth — not to mention a certain crazy bounty hunter from the future — named Death’s Head, yes?

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781840235111
  • Dimensions: 296 x 220mm
  • Paperback: 136pp
  • Publication date: 29 November 2002
  • Illustration detail: Colour comic strip
  • All authors:
    Simon Furman , Geoff Senior

Transformers 2002 Hasbro

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