Watching the Watchmen

Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons is one of Britain’s finest comic artists, whose most famous work is the multi-award-winning Watchmen. Since then he has drawn series including Batman, Doctor Who and Give Me Liberty, and has written Batman vs. Predator, Green Lantern and World’s Finest, as well as his own graphic novel The Originals.

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Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd is an award-winning writer and designer, and an editor whose books include Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross, Batman Collected and The Complete History of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. USA Today called him “The closest thing to a rock star in graphic design today.”

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Acclaimed as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Best Novels, WATCHMEN is widely considered to be the greatest graphic novel of all time.

In WATCHING THE WATCHMEN, artist Dave Gibbons gives his own account of the genesis of WATCHMEN, opening his archives to reveal excised pages, early versions of the script, original character designs, page thumbnails, sketches and much more, including posters, covers and rare portfolio art.

Featuring the breathtaking design of Chip Kidd and Mike Essl, WATCHING THE WATCHMEN is both a major art book in its own right, and the definitive companion to the graphic novel that changed an industry.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781848560413
  • Dimensions: 304 x 228mm
  • Hardback with dustjacket: 272pp
  • Publication date: 24 October 2008
  • Illustration detail: Color and b&w throughout
  • All authors:
    Dave Gibbons , Chip Kidd , Mike Essl
  • All characters:
    Dr Manhattan

Watchmen and all related names, characters and elements are trademarks of DC Comics 2008.

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